Appleby, Green thrilled with new BD fieldhouse facility

Coaches feel it will be huge advantage

April 16, 2013

Amid the sea of happy people that attended Brown Deer High School's dedication of its shiny new fieldhouse April 10 were two gleeful coaches whose athletes will benefit greatly when they get a chance to use it more fully in the coming years.

"It's such a beautiful facility," said track coach Rob Green, whose team had a chance to practice on the four-lane track during some of the lousier moments of this lousy spring's weather. "It really helped us make some progress these last few weeks. We didn't have to run in the hallways."

"This is really nice," boys basketball coach Kelly Appleby said. "What a nice recruitment tool for developing interest in athletics around here. What a great community moment."

The sports program will benefit greatly from the new, black-and-gold-themed facility that has long rows of gray stands with "BD" painted on one of them and "Falcons" on the other. Such is the interest in the facility that neither team (nor the girls basketball team for that matter) was the first to officially use it in a competitive manner.

The NY2LA youth basketball tournament was recently slated for Homestead, but there was some spillover available and Brown Deer took advantage of that: Over a long weekend, there were something like 104 games played on the floor.

"We called NY2LA," Appleby said, "and we discovered how great it was to host something like this. It was a great debut for the building."

But that didn't mean that Brown Deer players didn't get their own crack at it.

"When we first got a look at it," Appleby said, "everybody wanted to be the first to take a shot or the first to play a game on the floor."

The new facility could easily host a WIAA sectional basketball game.

Green sees this as only the biggest of pluses for the track program, which could use a boost in numbers after years of success.

"Combined with the recent work they did on the outdoor facility (part to eight lanes) this is really great," said Green. "We're really grateful to the community for all the work they've put into our track facilities.

"It's very exciting. We're now capable of hosting big indoor and outdoor meets. It's a great thing for the athletes who will be coming through here in the future."

The Falcons will get a chance to host the Woodland Conference Outdoor meet May 14. It is the first time Brown Deer has hosted a league meet in many years.

And because of the fieldhouse, they may get a crack at hosting an indoor league test in the not-too-distant future.

"What a help it is right now," Green said. "In the past (with only the small gym), we were always on the outside fighting the weather. Now we don't have to do that."




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