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Community Briefing

The Brown Deer Police Department will use this blog to provide residents with current crime information and trends, crime prevention tips, as well as pertinent news, legal updates, and notes as it relates to your community and Police Department. E-mail the department | Police Department's Web Site


   Airguns have become more and more popular and are being seen more frequently in the Village.  The Brown Deer Police Department would like to clarify the usage of airguns. An airgun, per Wisconsin State Statute 939.22(2), is defined as a weapon which expels a missile by the expansion of compressed air or other gas. This includes, but is not limited to, BB guns, Pellet guns, Paint Ball guns, and Airsoft guns.  According to the Village of Brown Deer Ordinance VL1-6-2.09(B), it is unlawful to discharge any firearm or airgun in the Village. If you are uncertain if a toy meets this criteria or you see someone shooting an airgun, please contact the Brown Deer Police Department.  

Fraud Alert - Counterfeit Visa Travelers Cheques

DATE: JULY 10, 2008

Visa has become aware of a fake travelers check scam involving the presentation and recovery of counterfeit $200 and $500 Visa Travelers Cheques.

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