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Obama has Priorities Wrong

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America is clearly on the wrong track. Only a year ago there were plenty of naysayers who were panicked because they believed America was on the wrong track. Well, were on a different track now yet the future looks even bleaker.

President Barack Obama is demonstrating that he has the wrong idea where he's for his administration which are leading America down the wrong path. As a candidate, Obama was proud of his commitment to grassroots organizations such as Acorn by coating his experience as a community organizer. Now that Acorn has been exposed as a corrupt organization, so corrupt that Congress has cut off all funding to it, Obama suddenly has no knowledge that Acorn has even received federal funding. Yet, Obama accuses others as having selective memories when they have the audacity, or the objectivity to recognize how wrong the President's agenda is. What are his priorities?

As more people learn what is in the health care reform bill, the more people dislike it. Yet, Obama simply gives a speech and thinks that now people are convinced that government take over of the healthcare industry is going to be good for America. Obama has repeatedly called Iraq the wrong war and Afghanistan the right war, yet his strategy in Afghanistan is taking a turn for the worse. Obama wants to take a few days to reconsider his strategy in Afghanistan. That sounds like a good idea, yet the health care bill is supposed to be rammed down our throats with no time for Americans to view the bill via the Internet. Apparently the Democrats are hiding the fact that there are huge tax increases for all Americans, not just the rich.

And what is Obama doing at this critical time when America is mired in crisis after crisis per  the president? He's flying off to Copenhagen to deliver a speech to convince the IOC that Chicago should have the Olympics in 2016. Shouldn't the president be looking a little more short term? He and Biden are going around toting the accomplishments of his stimulus bill. This after barely 15% has been paid out. How can it be working well when most of it is not scheduled to be paid out until just before the 2010 elections? Are Americans convinced of the hope that lies ahead? Well, hope is not putting more Americans back to work.

After a year and a half of recession, the business cycle is starting to recover. Probably on its own. Probably despite a government intervention. When was the last time we had a recession that lasted forever? The simple answer it is never. America even recovered from the Great Depression. We can also recover from this recession if government will stop interfering with taxes and government expansion. The private sector is where the jobs will ultimately be created if a lasting recovery is ever going to materialize. This means no government takeover of health care, this means no Cap And Trade.

Americans are again turning against the support of the wars we are involved in. Even the Democrats have said that they are costing too much. Yet in some twisted form of revenge, the Democrats want to spend dollars for dollar what is spent on war, can now be spent on the liberal agenda. Take a look at the stimulus bill. Take a look at the amount of deficits we have. If the Democrats do not want to spend any money on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, then they should go ahead and completely cut off funding. Bring everybody home and we'll see what happens.

When it comes to accountability, the Obama administration continually states their excuse that they inherited the entire mess. NBC still refers to Obama as a young administration. His term is about one fourth over. How long are we supposed to wait before we expect results? You can't keep blaming Bush for everything. Or can he?

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