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Inventor Update

Jill Gilbert Welytok is the managing attorney for Absolute Technology Law Group LLC, which is a team of Registered Patent, Trademark and Transactional attorneys.

Licensing an Invention: Negotiating Tips for Individual Inventors

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The Northshore Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club which meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Frank L. Weyenburg Mequon Thiensville Library at 5:45 p.m. (Our club will meet next on Febuary 26th.) This month’s discussion topic will be "Getting Into 'Big Box' Stores and Beyond". For more information, visit our Inventor's Club Homepage at

Licensing is a topic that comes up week after week at the Northshore I&E Club as our inventors progress down the path of turning concepts into products. I'm especially pleased to see so many of our local inventors successfully negotiating and procuring licensing agreements.  But I caution that expectations must be realistic, and I've yet to see any of our members become a millionaire overnight by landing a licensing agreement.

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