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 Glaxo Smith has been fined three billion dollars for falsely advertising its products to customers for whom there is no help and actually could kill them.  Yes, this company had lavish parties and trips for physicians to convince them to sell their products [prescribe them] to children, though there was no licensure to sell them to younger patients.  In fact, some of the targeted audience could actually be severely harmed or even killed when using them.  This is but a tiny fraction of the abuses that are rising rapidly in the greed-filled universe of capitalism.

Free enterprise is wonderful.  Free enterprise helped build the fortunes and lifestyles of successful Western World nations and cultures.  That being stated, free enterprise has had to be penalized and held in check many times since the Industrial Revolution.  Child labor abuses, unfair labor practices, products harming or killing people, destruction of the environment, ad infinitum, have all been a mark of unbridled capitalism.

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Brown Deer Library closed tomorrow

Reminder! The Brown Deer Library will be closed tomorrow, on July 4th.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!!

Long Division

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The changes that have come to this country in the past few years seem unbelievable. We have become more polarized politically than perhaps any other time in US history. We spend five or six years pleading for us to come together. That time has ended. Whether it's hopeless or not, we now stand to be hopelessly and helplessly divided. Welcome to the new era of the United States.

Last week's Supreme Court decision on the state of Obamacare cemented our divisions. On one side are the people who believe that health care is a right. Cost is not a factor when it comes to saving lives. We must do what is morally right or even what's in the Bible. And what comes to paying for this, who cares? Ill come from the rich, will come from the middle class. It may become from the poor. It would be borrowed money. Who knows? Who cares?

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It's wonderful to be able to openly express one's patriotism.  Not enough citizens do so.  They should be ashamed.  Show the flag!  Wear a flag pin on your lapel!  Show the flag around your home!  Stand proudly when the flag is presented!  Sing along when the National Anthem is played!

Be proud of our national heritage!  Pay tribute to our Fallen Heroes!  Recognize the threat we have from foreign nations and peoples!  Be proud of your religion!  Teach your kids to be loyal patriots!  Support budget items for the military!  Don't waste government money on frivilous items!  Speak loudly in support of math, science, and business courses!  Keep a lid on budgetary items for marginal things like the arts!  Watch your neighbor's national loyalty!  No welfare slackers, work for a living!

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TEA PARTY "Patriots"

Oh, how patriotic are those Tea Party Republicans.  How quick they are to join in the celebration of our military veterans long as they're Republicans, and the "right kind" of Republicans.

The sham of the Tea Party patriots was clearly unmasked in the heated Illinois fight for Congress between Congressman Joe Walsh and Democrat Tammy Duckworth.  A woman who is a Democrat running against a man who is a Tea Party Republican.  She is a proud candidate, he is a sexist double-talker.

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Global Warming Ruins Summer

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We certainly can't take this opportunity to waste a long hot summer with few days of rain without mentioning our global warming is going to make something like mild winters and storm free summers and turn it into something terrible. This is something to be feared.

My lawn started turning brown in May this year. Earlier than it ever has before. I spend my nights and weekends moving sprinklers around. We see storms and floods all around us and come to the one singularity that caused it all-global warming.

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It is difficult to narrow down a wide variety of people and their beliefs because platforms can be somewhat complex, and they do not represent all of the people being categorized.  This is further complicated by people being totally unaware of their own beliefs, or in denial about what motivates their strongly-held feelings.

Nevertheless, I shall try.  Please remember I am announcing in advance that this does not include all people who lean to the conservative side of the political ledger, but is perhaps more represenative of the new right, the tea-party types, the new fascism, the more extremist viewpoints that have taken over the Republican Party in the U.S.  But just as bigots have always done, they will deny these characterizations.  Deny away.

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Finally!  Finally a nationally syndicated columnist, Richard Cohen, got it right.  Finally I find someone who recognizes the truth about Obama and about liberals and about liberalism.  Whew!  What took so long?

In his column "The liberal Obama that never was,"  published nationally on July 12, 2012, Richard Cohen writes as follows:

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Two awesome programs next week!

We will have a couple of awesome programs next week! We hope you stop in for them!

Tuesday July 17th at 6:00 PM - Glen Gerard! He's a hilarious magician, who will have you gasping in awe and laughing out loud.

Wednesday July 18th at 6:00 PM - The classic film "Ghostbusters"!

Why Would You Do It?

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

I sometimes wonder how anyone could think of voting for Barack Obama in the upcoming November election. With that economy looming, liberals, Democrats, and water carriers are all spewing the same talking points again and again. What sets the question, what are Americans supposed to? Are we supposed to accept 8% unemployment as normal? Is 1% growth in GDP now considered to be great? Is the tax system that is already burdensome supposed to be considered too low?

Let's see if we're better off than we were four years ago. The financial crisis just beginning, President George Bush and Congress enacted TARP to prevent the economy from falling off a cliff. The money was to be paid back. As banks paid back the money, the Obama administration had taken over by that time, used it to spend on their own crony capitalist projects. In return, we got a stimulus bill that did not stimulate, a healthcare bill that is going to accelerate bankruptcy of this country and other jobs bills that went nowhere.

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Oh, poor Mitt Romney!  All those questions about his background.  All those personal questions.  Give poor Mitt a break and lay off of him.  Poor guy.  Let's all move to lying and criticizing and asking questions about Barack Obama instead. 

When you ask if Mitt Romney has any assets that he is hiding in tax shelters or other things that give him a great leg-up on ordinary Americans, that is unfair!?!

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Tonight! Magician Glen Gerard!

Tonight at 6:00 PM! Glen Gerard!

Hilariously funny magician Glen Gerard will be performing his magic act tonight at the Brown Deer Library. Be prepared to laugh out loud, and gasp in awe. And what magic act isn't complete without a live rabbit?

Photo: Tonight at 6:00 PM! Glen Gerard!
Hilariously funny magician Glen Gerard will be performing his magic act tonight at the Brown Deer Library. Be prepared to laugh out loud, and gasp in awe. And what magic act isn't complete without a live rabbit?


While we all suffer through the agonizing and anti-intellectual drama known as the presidential election cycle, I have to wonder who is more uncomfortable with Mitt Romney, Democrats or Republicans?

It is one thing to try and erase Romneycare from Mitt's background so Democrats don't use it in the election, but it is quite anorther to try and erase it from the minds of frantic and desperate tea-partiers and extreme right-wingers.  After all, the cornerstone of the Obama administration, health care reform, was forged to a great extent from what Governor Romney proposed and got sanctioned in Massachusetts.  And not only that, but Romneycare/Obamacare is extremely popular and successful in Massachusetts.  Wow, how [and why?] would any honest candidate try to distance himself or herself from success like that?  Awkward.

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Tonight! Ghostbusters!

Tonight at 6:00 PM! Teen Movie Night!

We will be watching the classic film "Ghostbusters"!

Everyone is welcome!

Tons of Fun Programs Next Week!

We have a full week of programs coming up!

Tuesday July 24th at 6:00 PM - We will be watching the film "John Carter"

Wednesday July 25th from 6:00-7:00 PM - Family Bingo Night

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Tomorrow! John Carter!

Tomorrow night is a movie night!

We will be watching "John Carter" beginning at 6:00 PM.

This movie is PG-13, so children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

New Traffic Control Signs in the Village

The Village of Brown Deer recently approved the speed limit change from 35 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour on N. 60th St., from W. County Line Rd until W. Bradley Rd.  This change has gone into effect as the new 30 mile per hour speed limit signs are erected, accompanied with orange flags.

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Consolidated Police Dispatch Services

The Brown Deer Police Department has now turned dispatching operations over to the new Bayside Communications Center as of January 1, 2012. The Center dispatches for the North Shore Fire Department, and all seven North Shore Communities which includes the Brown Deer Police Department.  The Brown Deer Police Department continues to provide 24 hour a day police services. The hours to the Brown Deer Police Department front office are: Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and is staffed by two full-time employees to serve the public. When the office is closed, including weekends and public holidays, access to the Police Department and service to the public is continually supported by the Bayside Communications Center. Visitors during hours when the reception office to the Brown Deer Police Department is closed are always able to communicate with an officer through an intercom and door access switch connection at Village Hall main entrance. Important phone numbers to note when requesting police services for the Village of Brown Deer:

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During the summer months people will be enjoying the outdoors with their pets. The Village of Brown Deer Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind residents about the laws regulating pets outdoors both on your property and when taking them for walks.

Village of Brown Deer Ordinance (6-4) regulates “Animals at Large”. As it is defined in the Village Ordinance an “Animal at Large” means that an animal is off the premises of its owner and not on a leash or otherwise under the immediate control of a person capable of restraining the animal. If an owner of an animal is found to have allowed their pet to become at large they may be subject to a fine of $240.00. Pet owners should keep in mind this ordinance applies to cats as well as dogs and all other domesticated animals.

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