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2009 Grocer of the Year: Sendik's

Silver Spring, Sendik's

From Sendik's Facebook page (Click here to become a fan..)

Yesterday, the Wisconsin Grocers Association presented Sendik's owners Ted, Nick & Patrick Balistreri & Margaret Harris with the 2009 Grocers of the Year Award.

Congratulations to one of our most important Village businesses!

Here are a few pictures from Sendik's Corporate HQ, right here in Whitefish Bay:



Stealing "For the Children"

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It has been demonstrated time and again that many people who start a home-based business, or a small business based on "helping people", becomes a license to steal from public funds. But if it has anything to do with the program where we think a child is involved, people tend to look the other way.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has again exposed cases of people who are in the childcare business that are more interested in lining their own pockets the effect been looking out for the children. Again we have cases of multiple people who claim that they are taking care of more children than they actually are, hiring more people than they actually are, in thinking they are smarter than others than they actually are.

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Through the years, and during the duration of this blog, I have been called an atheist, communist, socialist, Jew, Moslem, ad infinitum.  So, it is fair to directly deal with it.  What belief system do I adhere to?  None, but I take from most of them.  I am not out to save my own skin for eternity.  I do not believe in man-made religions, which major religions are.  The three major religions of the Western World all have much of their foundation in the patriarch, Abraham.  I like him.  In Genesis he confronts God about God's vengeance and over-reaction and brutality, and the God depicted in the Bible certainly needs that confrontation.  But none of those 3 major religions follow the "good" parts of the Bible.  They claim they do, but simply look at the actions of the people who wear their religion on their sleeve.

Here are some quotes that help me forge morals, ethics, compassion, empathy, love, tolerance, etc.:

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Trademarking Your Product

product, license, trademark, legal

Trademarking Your Product

We’ve talked a great deal about protecting your invention by applying for a patent; there are other ways to protect your ideas and products, as well.

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This could be really big for Silver Spring..

Silver Spring, Redevelopment, CDA, City Market

At Tuesday's Community Development Authority meeting, a vague item was on the agenda:

"Presentation by business potentially interested in 527 E. Silver Spring Dr."

527 E. Silver Spring is the current address of Giraffe, which is next to the very vacant former Mike Crivello's.

It piqued my interest enough to attend the meeting and witness the presentation.

Who was the mystery guest?

Drum roll ...


City Market has three other locations, two in Tosa, and one close by in Shorewood. They serve breads, soups, sandwiches, salads, pastas, mostly in the $5-10 price range.

Admittedly, the deal has a way to go before being done, but it sounded as if the parties were optimistic. Lots more paperwork to do, plus they mentioned a future application for TIF funds.

I think City Market would really change the game down on Silver Spring. High quality food at an affordable price point, plus outdoor seating would garner a healthy volume of shoppers and fuel Silver Spring's renewal.

Click here for City Market's website.

The fate of Giraffe is up in the air, but it was mentioned they were hoping to relocate to another Silver Spring location.

Help for Inventors Who Want to Get Patents Issued More Quickly

 Next Meeting: September 17, 2009 at 5:45 p.m.
Downtown Milwaukee
Absolute Technology Law Group Offices
135 W. Wells, Suite #518
Milwaukee, WI 5320

(Click here for information)

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What Would Teddy Do?

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August has not been a good month for President Barack Obama or the Democrats in Congress. Especially trying to gain momentum for their failing health reform bill HR 3200. Hopefully September will continue in that direction.

The Democrats have been trying everything. Demonizing the insurance companies, demonizing the constituents, demonizing the blue dogs, demonizing the demons. Yet they can't seem to get a foothold to reverse their declining poll numbers.

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Several school districts around the country will not be broadcasting President Obama's address to them.  What are these parents and these school districts afraid of?  Truth?  Intelligence?  Insight? 

For many years the conservative elements in the U.S. have been telling people of color to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps."  That was a comfortable way of keeping these people in bondage.  No way could they succeed with Jim Crow laws, quiet bigotry, unfair courts, separate housing and schools, etc. 

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What Can I Do To Help the President?

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Religion, Smoking, taxes

Once again the liberals and Democrats don't seem to get it. Barack Obama was elected as a candidate of hope. Along with that hope, he promised to bring some bipartisanship. Bipartisanship is yet to be seen. He was supposed to bring people together. The country is becoming more polarized. The country was viewed to be going in the wrong direction and he was to put it in the right direction. What he has brought in the name of change has put us on a worse course.

The president's administration can no longer effectively or honestly refute charges of socialism and communism. In last year's campaign, candidate Obama said he associated with people like Warren Buffett and former Fed chairman Paul Volker on issues of the economy. As president, Barack Obama has brought into his circle of advisers Van Jones who was an admitted communist. Jones recently put out a statement saying that he never held views of communism. Are Americans supposed to believe that? He has since resigned so that's a step in the right direction.

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A resident of Idaho was stopped and treated like a terrorist because he had a Moslem-sounding name.  We invaded Iraq on trumped up claims because right-wing leaders needed to get that long-dreamed thing done.  We tapped innocent citizens phones with no court permission.  We tortured prisoners.  We had Osama bin Laden trapped in Torah Borah and let him get away...personally I think that George W. Bush had something to do with this because his family made its fortune off of the Saudi family by illegally trading with Nazi Germany.  The same with arresting American citizens after the 9/11 tragedy and yet allowing ONLY Saudi citizens in the U.S. to fly out of the country.  Remember, bin Laden is a Saudi and made his wealth under the Saudi umbrella...and so did Prescott Bush!

John Ashcroft will now be charged in court by a citizen of Idaho for treating the American illegally.  How in the world John Ashcroft ever became Attorney General of the U.S. strains my belief apparatus.  And Senators like the "liberal" Senator Russ Feingold, who sat in the Senate chamber with Ashcroft for years, could bring themselves to vote to approve the nomination of Ashcroft for Attorney General strains my rationality.  To meet John Ashcroft is to instantly realize he has a screw missing.  And his extreme right-wing religious beliefs are truly zany.  He immediately insisted on covering up the naked statues in a government building.  He must certainly think that the statue of David is profane.  The voters in Missouri came to recognize the goofy thinking and actions of U.S. Senator John Ashcroft, and swiftly voted him out of office.  George W. Bush picked up the strange pieces of rubbish and nominated him for Attorney General.  Imagine, the most powerful nation in the world being run by John Ashcroft, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and George W. Bush.  Imagine!

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Driving along in Shorewood, I noticed a kid on his bike.  He was alone,  He looked sad.  I was mentally transported to my own childhood.  I was sad often.  My childhood was lonely, desolate, isolating, and I lilterally fed and clothed myself from the age of eight.  I shined shoes in taverns, I sang for coins, I did whatever I had to do to exist.  That boy on a bike, a kid I knew nothing about, had got me in touch with my own childhood years.

It is easy for adults to chastise kids today who seem to have so much.  We over-reach in stating how tough we had it and that "I had to walk ten miles to school, and up-hill both ways."  It turns kids off.  Yet there is not happiness in toys, trinkets, electronic equipment, etc.  And, of course, there are millions of kids in America who have nothing, or worse than nothing.  Their lives are filled with fear.  They see violence all around them.  They either cower in the corner, or they act out themselves in order to survive.

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Berkeley's 2.0

Berkeley's, Silver Spring, Restaurant

Last night, Berkeley's invited about a dozen villagers into their restaurant to have a "tasting" .. and to solicit ideas on how to remake Berkeley's into a thriving restaurant on Silver Spring.

Suffice it to say, there was no shortage of opinions.   

  • The prices are too high.  The prices are just right. 
  • The menu is too nice.  The menu is just right.  
  • Service has been suspect.  Service is better now.   
  • The wine glasses don't have stems.  The stemless wine glasses are awesome.
  • The walls are too green.    .. Ok, no one objected to that.
  • Et cetera, et cetera.

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It is interesting, sometimes hilarious, the conclusions people draw about me from my blog.  Remember, this blog is but one tiny piece of who I am.  And I have tried in the past to post information about myself, but people come in and out of reading here, and they have no idea who I am.  So...

I suppose it is fair to label me a liberal.  I'm certainly not a right-winger.  But the word liberal has been so prostituted from uneducated and unread people from the right, that it has lost its meaning.  I am an egalitarian, I suppose.  Yes, I believe in a democracy like the U.S., if there are some benefits offered to some people, then they should be available for all.  We are individuals in the U.S., but we are also a collective society of equal partner citizens.  Therefore I share my benefits and my hardships with everyone.  I am proud to feel this way because I see it as the true responsibility of a citizen and a human.

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"You lie!" comment in perspective

Yes, Congressman Wilson of South Carolina, you showed some lack of civilized decorum in blurting out what you did.  As a guest in your House, President Obama, should not be subjected to some crude comments by an elected official in the highest legislature in the land.  You shamed the room, you shamed your party, you shamed your country, and you shamed yourself.

However it is also unfair to try and make too much political capital out of this incident.  And it should be pointed out the Republican members of Congress chastised Congressman Wilson and encouraged him to apologize.  He did it quickly, and the President accepted it.   But this goes beyond just that.

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Some Things Old, Some Things New, Some Things Borrowed, Some Things Untrue

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Religion, Smoking, taxes

In order to forge ahead with the government take over of health care, the Democrats in Congress needed a game changer. Last week's presidential address to a joint session of Congress was not a game changer they were looking for or needed.

Instead we got what we have come to expect from President. Barack Obama. He chose to come out in campaign form and talk about his plan for health care reform. Like a campaigner, he has no plan in writing. Yet he referred to it again and again. This would tend to confuse someone who is looking for concrete details-like most of America. The president I can use his tired slogans and catch phrases geared towards making it on the mainstream media. Apparently it worked for him because again and again they quote a catch phrase calling for an end to bickering.

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Wasted and Abused

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Religion, Smoking, taxes

There are some things that keep bothering me in some of speeches that President Barack Obama presents regarding his health care plan. But the mainstream media does not cover them. Cable news does not cover them. So how am I supposed to expect answers to the questions that I have? No one will ask them for me. No one will answer them for me.

When it comes to paying for this new health care plan, where will the money be coming from? The administration seems to be leading us to believe that they will not come from deficit spending. The administration also seems to be leading us to believe that they will not come from increased taxes. Well, not taxes on the middle class but just new taxes on the wealthy. That seems to be demanding a lot from a small number of people, but because I won't be one of them, it does not bother me. But, the administration also says that at least half of the money will come from cutting waste and inefficiencies, fraud and abuse from Medicare. Was there that much waste and abuse in Medicare? If there is, why do we need a bill that will overhaul the entire system in order to target this waste and abuse?

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The right-wing talk shows are ablaze with dire warnings about the government.  You can't trust the government!  Talk shows and Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the right-wing media ranters warn us over and over that the government cannot be trusted with health care or anything.  Every right-wing politician screams against the government, even when the President is addressing Congress.  There are warnings about the government everywhere.  Except...

The right-wing loves to have the government of the United States at war.  In Vietnam.  In Grenada.  In Nicaragua.  In Iraq.  In Afghanistan.  Then, miraculously, you can trust the government.  Wait, hundreds of millions of dollars have been pilfered by Halliburton alone!  Blackwater uses secret torture and killing in our name!  We kill innocent citizens with our bombs!  Collateral damage is what we call killing innocent citizens.  The waste in the Pentagon is astronomical!  And in the process, thousands of Americans are killed and wounded.  And the guy who started the war in Iraq, George W. Bush, has the gall to underfund the veterans' benefits and recovery programs.  That is considered OK.  Collateral damage of Americans.

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WFB Trustee meeting 9/14

Trustees, Village Board, Code, Klode, Trees

The WFB Board of Trustees met Monday night, 9/14/09 .. here's my recap:

  • We passed the special assessments for a giant 2010 sewer project.  In the next year, we'll be fixing some 17,000 feet of main line and resident lateral sewers.

    For definition sake, here's a glossary:  A main runs down the middle of the street.  The laterals that are being replaced are from the main to your curb.  There is another sewer pipe that goes from your curb to your home, and that is NOT being replaced, as it is homeowner property.

    True, the sewer pipe under your yard is probably decades old.   In the past, there may have been a program whereby homeowners could contract with the firm doing the construction to replace both pipes.  Unfortunately, with a project this size, that is not being pursued, as it would severely impact the schedule.
  • Tree Inventory - The DPW will be applying for a DNR grant to defray half the cost of a Village-wide tree inventory as a precursor to possibly treating for the Emerald Ash Borer.  The inventory will identify, measure and evaluate each Village tree.
  • We discussed the "For-Profit" use of Klode Park by exercise groups.  Neighbors have noticed increased park use.  One could imagine these groups should be under the same guidelines as the various WFB sport teams, who schedule the use of the various parks.  Additionally, the park is often used prior to its 6am opening time, which would indeed be problematic for neighbors.
  • The Board eventually passed a code change concerning roof-top HVAC equipment:

This code change proposal was provoked by the Village's immediate need to replace a unit above the WFB Police Department, which has been without A/C for 2-3 weeks.

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Obama: smart, educated, erudite & BLACK

OK, scream at me for playing the race card.  Is it just coincidental that about 10% of white voters in Alabama and Mississippi voted for Barack Obama?  That used to be the heart of the Democratic Party until it supported civil rights legislation.  Now the South is hard-core Republican and conservative.  Could it be that there was some racism involved?  Are you kidding?

Hordes of white Americans were given all the advantages of race in the U.S.  Millions of whites used excuses about their lack of accomplishments or education because they came from one-parent families.  "My parents were too poor to send me to college," is a white excuse.  Yes, a black kid, confronted with racism daily, a society tried to mold him into failure, he only had one parent, grew up in something far less than elite surroundings, and became an outstanding student at a prestige university and law school.  Then a U.S. Senator.  Then President of the United States.

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Whitefish Bay History and Architecture Tour

Historic Preservation

The Village of Whitefish Bay Historic Preservation Commission has designed their first walking tour of historic homes in the Bay. From their literature:

Our Village is a community of attractive residential neighborhoods, punctuated with a vibrant district of fine stores, excellent schools and welcoming houses of worship. It is filled with homes and other buildings that are architecturally rich, well-designed and maintained, and diverse in character. Its past residents have contributed much to the cultural, political, economic and social history of the area. And its current residents are interested in maintaining their connection with the community's historic past.
To help maintain these connections, the Whitefish Bay Historic Preservation Commission has been identifying buildings and other sites within the Community that are architecturally significant or historic. A program has been established to install sidewalk medallions in front of these properties, to aid in their recognition.
The initial medallions were installed in 2009 in the Cumberland Forest and Wilshire neighborhoods of the Village. A walking tour has been created to view the homes in these neighborhoods
It is anticipated that additional medallions will be installed over the next few years to recognize all sites on the Village's architecture and history inventory.
Additional information about each of the sites on the Village's architecture and history inventory is available at the Reference Desk of the WFB Library, or on-line.

Make sure you click over to their website where each home has an information page. Here's a link to the brochure: Whitefish Bay Walking Tour

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