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Government Mishandling Pandemic

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It is my sincere hope that Logos of the Bogus finds you all well. After all, we are in the worst crisis of public health since the bubonic plague. I'm surprised the government has not issued a public statement using that phrase. How are we supposed to move ahead in confidence without self-doubt and fear riding as a monkey on our back?

Is the swine flu as bad as the plague? It was important enough to close all of the schools and not have them make up the days. Will this save taxpayer money? Will this create a little surplus to do further next school referendum for about six weeks? Closing only 21 schools seems like only doing half the job. Why not close all the schools and fill up tanker trucks with bleach and hose everything down top to bottom? Since the kids are going to be out of school and probably in movie theaters or at the Penny arcade, I think we should hose them down too. The news clips showed the janitor wiping down the hot lunch table. I felt confident he was doing the right thing, but don't the hot lunch tables get wiped down on a regular basis anyway? Perhaps there's more to this problem than just swine flu.

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First WFB Trustee Meeting


Last night was my first Whitefish Bay Board of Trustees meeting.

In the grand scheme of things, your first meeting as an elected official is right up there with your wedding, birth of your kids, and Marquette making it to the Final Four. 

Ok, maybe lower than those.  But I dragged my wife, 2 year old, and 10 month old to see daddy get sworn in anyway.

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Closing Gitmo.  No more torture.  Open the files.  Stop Halliburton's rape of our treasury.  Get past the psycho-secrecy of the Bush gang.  Interact with international friends and less-than-friends [not talking is what starts most wars], return to sanity in international relations, solidify PanAmerican relations, improve the Bush bail-out plan and try to help those in need not those in greed.  Do not reward corporations for taking their operations overseas and failing to pay taxes in the U.S. [obvious, but not done before].  Listen to all sides of an issue and do not exclude even the goofy neocons.  Iraq was doomed for break-up as soon as we invaded, get us out!  Pakistan is the major problem in the Middle East, and thanks for finally having the U.S. recognize and acknowledge it.  Create a fairer progressive tax structure.  As much as possible, get us to universal healthcare.  Frequent news conferences is a welcomed change.  If there is a problem, go directly to it as you did with the CIA, the troops in Iraq, the heavily damaged auto workers, etc.  You have taken on the office of the President of the United States in remarkable fashion, and have been nothing short of a miracle in managing to keep the ship of state afloat amid the plethora of problems left to you by one of the worst administrations in our nation's history.

Most of all, please know President Obama, that you are certainly a breath of fresh air after the horrors of the past 8 years.  The U.S. is once again garnering some respect in the world.  Your example is not only reassuring but it is up-lifting.  Thank you.

Achoo! Achooink!

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First, I would like to thank my little pup, Daisy, for writing my last blog posting. I’m very impressed that she can use her little paws to type on the keyboard.

As I have stated or should I say, Daisy said; chickens are not good pets. However, there is another farm animal that many people also keep as pets – oink oink. Yes, the pig.

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Beam me up!

 Well I have to admit it.  I was a skeptic.  I know you don't all expect that I'd write a movie review in my blog, but I just came back from the premiere of the new Star Trek movie. 

And it rocks.

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Mother's Day @ Berkeley's

Hey, dads.  Mother's Day is this Sunday.

Support your local restaurant, and take Mom to Berkeley's.  They are having a special Mother's Day Brunch:

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 The biggest threat by the federal government to our individual freedoms and liberties have come from the right-wing.  History gives us a multitude of examples.

Henry Ford, duPont, and other American industrialists sought to have the U.S. government give unfettered freedom to big business so it could rape the average citizen as Mussolini and Hitler had done in Italy and Germany.  Corporate behemoths have always leaned more in the direction of fascism than social democracy.  And no system of givernment ever interfered in the lives of citizens the way fascism did.  Interference in private lives also brought about the slaughter of six million Jews by the right-wing in Germany.  Fascism decimated Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.  American industrialists and right-wingers helped put Hitler in power.

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Bike Race 2009 - July 26

Bike Race

The Whitefish Bay Classic - SuperWeek Bike race is scheduled for July 26, 2009 this year.

In years' past, the race route was more down Silver Spring and to the South .. this year, the route had to be changed because of the Silver Spring reconstruction .. racers need a certain path width, and with our new, pedestrian friendly "bump outs" .. the route had to be moved.

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Barry Gaffeagain Sees New York

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My, how time flies. This fall, it will be years since the terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center bringing down what was once the tallest towers in the world and icons of American ingenuity. Yet, there was a test a short while ago to see if the people in New York City still remembered despite the claims over the years "we will not forget." Yes, we remembered.

When there was a Boeing 747 flying low near lower Manhattan, people ran for cover thinking the unthinkable was going to reoccur. A jet could be used as a weapon to end the lives of innocent Americans. But, we found out later that the plane was actually one that is sometimes used as Air Force One for the president of the United States. And the jet was not there to cause terror or to be a drill for the people in lower Manhattan, but was there for photo opportunities.

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What's Poppin .. Silver Spring Progress

Silver Spring, What's Poppin, Restaurants

I visited Silver Spring's newest food spot last week:  What's Poppin.

They opened last Monday, amidst the dust, gravel, and road closures that are Silver Spring.   They are currently serving a variety of Paninni sandwiches, soups, soft serve ice cream cones / sundaes, fudge,  .. and of course, dozens of varieties of flavored popcorn.

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Doyle's Final Years

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News flash: Wisconsin is in a fiscal mess. For six years, Jim Doyle has been granted stewardship of the state's government. At this point in his second term, we would need about two upgrades to call it a complete disaster. The liberals who got him elected should be in Paris did not ashamed of what they have done. It is because of what Jim Doyle has done and that is bring the state government to the lowest level of responsiveness and accountability to the citizens of the state.

In 2002, Jim Doyle ran on a platform of not increasing taxes. In 2009, it will be hard to find a tax that he is not going to raise or would think about raising it he was given the chance. The over expansion of social programs in the bureaucracy is a travesty.

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Who am I?  After a lifelong history of speeches, writing, service on about 40 not-for-profit boards, and many diverse activities in North America and Europe, it seems judging me can come from reading a couple of my blogs.  Of course that is nonsense, but it comes as part of the territory in the blog world.  So be it.  Below are a number of sentences that begin with FACTS about my life followed by conclusions quickly drawn by many ...far too many.

He knew the Martin Luther King family; therefore he must be African-American.  Wrong.

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A Huge 1%

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Sometimes I find it hard to fathom what the government of Wisconsin is doing and why it is doing it. The upcoming budget has a glaring example of either the stupidity of the state government, the selfishness of the governor, or the pay to play political scheme that is going on in Wisconsin and is allowed to continue to do so.

In the state budget, there is a provision to change how personal injury lawsuits will be handled in the future. Why the media does not even bring this up is beyond me. This represents even the worst of the liberal agenda that is being shoved down our throats as part of the political trend we are now in. From what I have heard, and they don't get any facts from the media because they do not report on this, personal injury lawyers can now sue any party of an accident for all damages, medical and others, if the other party is at fault for as little as 1%.

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Smoking Ban a Victory for Public Health

While there have been plenty of chicken littles complaining about a smoking ban, the reality is that the passage of the smoking ban will help hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from respiratory illnesses and far more people from developing health problems.

But who would have thought just 5 years ago that an overwhelmingly large bipartisan group of legislators would have come together to pass a smoking ban in workplaces including bars and restaurants by 2010.

Having just returned from a trip to Ireland, I can share that their smoking ban has not had any ill effects on the volume of people bellying up to the bar.  At first, there was resistance to the idea just as there has been here, but the Irish have adapted to not going home from a night at the pubs smelling like an ash tray.

It will be a crisis and people will stop going to taverns, especially in Northern Wisconsin, detractors to the newly passed bill have said.  Why then are Irish pubs still packed?

While I don't go out to bars as much as I have a decade or so ago, I can tell you one of the things that keeps me away -- the smoke.  I know that if I go out to most bars that I will come home smelling like a cigarette and suffering from red eyes and burning lungs.  I don't say this because of some sort of random guess -- this is what I experience nearly every time I go out.  I will even avoid going out to several bars past an 6pm because I know they'll be smoky and unbearable.

In Ireland, I could go into a pub with my son and not worry that it will trigger an asthma attack.  I can go into a pub with my wife and not worry about how the smoke will trigger a coughing fit from all of the smoke.

So is this ban good?  You bet it is.  Not only for pubic health, but this ban is good for business.

A Checklist of Questions to Ask a Prospective Manufacturer

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Next Inventors' and Entrepreneurs' Forum: June 10th 5:45 pm- Downtown Milwaukee Absolute Technology Law Group Offices - 135 West Wells Street (Germania Building). Topics:  Manufacturing Costs - U.S. Southeast Asia and Beyond; Positioning Your Company for Investment - No Registration Required Parking $6

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.....Is on its way out!

I love how the Republicans like to argue that regulating smoking in business establishments such as bars or taverns is somehow such a terrible sin against the private rights of business owners.  These business owners' rights to exist, to contract with others, or to express their first amendment rights are diminished by state interference with the free flow of second hand smoke.

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St. Monica Owls


Just a short tid-bit. The owls are "back." -- Or perhaps they've never left.

There's a family of three owls, and they've taken up somewhat permanent residence in the pine trees just West of St. Monica's church, right there on Silver Spring. Here's an exact map. (They formerly lived in some trees on Shoreland.)

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"Resilience" is a new book written by Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former presidential candidate, John Edwards.  In it she reveals many personals feelings and reactions to cancer, her husband's infidelity, etc.  Critics comment about what this is doing to impact her children.  I would ask these critics to take a good, close look at Elizabeth Edwards, consider her total life, observe her actions as a mother, wife, and special woman; and then think that she cannot objectively evaluate the feelings of her own kids.  Please!

President Barack Obama is giving the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame.  Political, religious, and self-elevating critics say it is wrong for this Roman Catholic university to have him speak because of his stance on abortion and stem cell research.  I would suggest that these critics take a good,, close look at their own church's immoral history, their own political party's immoral history, and their own life's history (inner and outer).  "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone," said Jesus.  Mr. Obama has given a great deal of personal service to the underserved and forgotten people in society, often forgotten by the church.  Compare his service to Notre Dame speakers of the past.  (However I continue to worry about the President's personal safety, especially among these nutcases)

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dogs; health

Arf arf

Yes, it’s me again, Daisy Belle. My Mommy just had surgery on her paw (hand) so she asked me to write a quick blog posting for her.

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Pelosi is Plain Pathetic

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In January 2007, the newly elected speaker of the House of Representatives for the United States Congress, Nancy Pelosi, was so proud that she broke the glass ceiling for millions and millions of women who might have been held back either in business or government that she could just not get over herself anymore.

Well, after a couple years of a fake façade, I find it hard to detect any amount of sincerity or credibility in anything Pelosi now says. This week, even the Democrats are no longer pleased with the level of face time given to her lies, half-truths, and poor recollection of events that is now receiving a lot of media attention. Pelosi, like many Democrats and the liberal media, are just having a dilly of a time convincing the American public that they were always against torture a.k.a. enhanced interrogation techniques and blaming the whole thing on the Bush administration. Yes, the Bush administration is even responsible for Nancy Pelosi's ignorance.

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