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We are in danger in America.  We need to give people some basic orientation and instruction about historical accuracy and objective journalism.  This would require a huge infusion of cash and nationwide honesty.  A national program of this scope would require immense amounts of capital. [Attention: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet].  If this does not happen, our democracy is in serious jeopardy.

If we do not get some sort of objective orientation of this sort, more and more Americans will draw their conclusions of great importance based on the extreme distortions of the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Murdoch, FOX, the Washington Times, etc.  The stories told by the extreme right-wingers are being taken as accurate information and historical fact.  In a democracy this is very dangerous.  Adherence to human rights and justice are dependent on the populous having reliable information.  In today's mass media, distortions and lies are receiving a bigger piece of the media pie because the owners of the media have their own selfish agenda (and it is not to have the populace be informed accurately about drugs, health care, the military, the budgets, etc.).  And dispensing national distortions is open to this sort of marketing as never before.  Shades of Goebbels and the Nazis.

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Too Big to Succeed

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The presidency of the United States is a unique position. It is a big job. It takes someone who is willing to work hard, very hard for a very long time. And that's just to get elected. Although compared to a private sector job, the presidency does not need near what a CEO would make, especially nowadays, but that's not why people seek the office. It is the position in the world. It is the place in history. It is the opportunity to lead a nation for what will seem a very short time in retrospect, but a very long time while it is occurring.

The blend of domestic and foreign affairs makes the presidency almost 2 jobs in one. It can seem overwhelming and it can be overwhelming. It all depends on who holds the office. For the past several years, the public is generally accepted that the presidency was too big of a job for George W. Bush. Americans for Avery. They wanted someone different. That gave us Barack Obama. Now, looking back over the past year, we concede that the presidency is too big for Barack Obama. It is too big an office for him to be effective in leading the country in a direction that it needs to go. It is too big a job for Obama to be successful.

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Vote Today - School Referendum

School, Election

Today is "election" day for the Whitefish Bay School Referendum.  (Note: That's the only item on the ballot.)

Go Vote.

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Both WFB Referendums Pass

Elections, Referendum

( I would have posted this last night, but the NOW blog platform was not working.)

Here are the results:

YES on Question 1:
2719 - 1219 (69.2%)

YES on Question 2:
2054 - 1883 (52.2%)

I'm surprised at the turnout, nearly 4000 votes.  In April, only 3,069 folks voted for 4 different Trustee candidates, 5 different School Board Candidates, and a handful of judges.

Interesting that almost 1000 more people come out for a referendum, than to elect leaders.

I guess the "the referendum was scheduled for low voter turnout" argument didn't work out so well, since there was a heavy turnout. 

Referendum Recap..

Election, Schools, Referendum

Just a few bits of commentary on yesterday's referendum.

I was not surprised both passed, but the numbers did surprise me.

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We like to teach American history as though we have been a nation that prides itself on emancipation.  We like to preceive ourselves as liberators and freedom providers.  Let's pause and reflect on how the United States of America has been so reluctant in granting "others" emancipation and freedom.

From the time European explorers and settlers arrived in what would become the United States, our treatment of Native Americans [many prefer the term American Indians] has been atrocious.  Mistreatment of American Indians continues to this day, but we simply destroyed these cultures, killed off huge parts of their population, subjected them to disease, and imprisoned them on inhospitalbe reservations.  There has been almost no attempt to understand them or work with them to show respect for their cultures, habits, religions, way of living, etc.  It is a horrible chapter in our history.

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Eric Shaffer is a Pinhead

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Nobody expected the number of jobs saved or created by President Obama stimulus bill to be accurate. Even the Democrats know that the number of jobs created is very low. And everyone outside of the Obama administration knows that verifying a saved job is impossible. There is no way to quantify any saved jobs. But every month the administration rolls out their numbers and touts how well they are doing. Of course if they didn't, there would be a consensus that the stimulus bill was a complete failure. The whole $787 billion of it.

But how did they arrive at those numbers? I thought they just made them up. Took a wild guess. I was only half wrong. Many people are involved in the guessing. The administration and its bloated bureaucracy muster up people who receive stimulus money asking them to tally how many jobs were saved or created and have them send in a form. How many jobs were created or saved? Of course the answer is a joke. If it weren't for the $787 billion, it would be funny. Let's take the strange situation of Eric Shaffer.

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CRG Defeated in Brown Deer

 Pitting themselves against children was probably not the smartest thing that CRG has ever done but they narrowly failed to kill a vote for a modest 2.99% increase in the tax levy for schools. The 140-138 vote was a testament may be a signal that even in their home of Brown Deer, CRG support is waning.

Although CRG (Citizens for Responsible Government) has experienced several defeats over the past few years, it’s tough to believe that the birthplace of CRG, the Village of Brown Deer, would hand them another defeat.

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As we in America, western Europe, and most places outside of Germany make a big celebration about the dismantling of the infamous Berlin Wall in 1989, I reflect on my personal experiences in Berlin...

I visited West Berlin several times in the early 1960s.  I had lunch in the newspaper chain Springer building right on the wall.  Several stories above the ground I could see the East Germans with their sub-machine guns peering out from their guard huts and German Shepherd dogs roaming up and down "no-man's land" between East Berlin and the Wall.   I spoke at a university in West Berlin.  I had lunch at  a stop on the commuter train, in a station-hut called Oncle Tom's Cabin.  I met with Gunter Grass, Germany's most famous author of the 20th century.  I taped an interview with Klaus-Schutz, the mayor of West Berlin.  And I simply roamed the city.  I was the guest at the Deutsche Oper to see "Der Rosenkavalier."  However I had a dangerous and threatening meeting also...

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The Road to Somewhere

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Congress did it. They passed the 1990 page healthcare reform bill. I wonder how many members of Congress actually read it. I'll bet it was a lot less than 220.

It's apparent I had things wrong. I was wrong about what's wrong in America. The problems in America, is that government is too small, it does not reach far enough, and taxes too little. Think goodness we have the Democrat majority to help us solve this previously ignored problem.

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Reform Plans from MPS School Board Advocates Too Little, Too Late

 Is that the smell of desperation in the air?

A modest crowd of anti-reformers has gathered to oppose Mayor Tom Barrett’s proposal for the city to take over MPS. The plan by Milwakee Mayor Tom Barrett is really quite simple — the Mayor would appoint a Superintendent who would run MPS, in many ways, like the existing Superintendent, but would be answerable to city leaders.

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Flag Raising - Armory Park / Holiday Stroll

Silver Spring, Armory Park

The Armory Park project is moving quickly.

The flag pole is up, and a flag raising is scheduled for Veteran's Day, TOMORROW .. Wednesday November 11th at 7:15am. The public is welcome to attend!

Ten Tips for Independent Inventors

independent inventor, lawyer, patent, manufactoing, license, legal, law, attorney, product

Ten Tips for Independent Inventors

  1. A patent is just a piece of paper: View a patent as a tool to protect something that is marketable and therefore potentially valuable, not a piece of paper that's going to make you rich
  2. Protect what is valuable: If you know you are going to file for a patent protection, do so sooner rather than later to protect your rights.
  3. Use provisional patents in early stages of development: Use provisional patent applications before you have tested the markets and fully developed your invention.
  4. Make sure your patent application covers your product: If you begin marketing your invention and later make changes that will add value in the marketplace, amend your pending application or file additional patents to protect those innovations.
  5. Do your preliminary research: Use Google Patents to perform your own search, keeping in mind that you will need an attorney to search recent applications and foreign patent refrences.
  6. Know your resources: Visit the USPTO website at and become familiar with the free resources that are available for individual inventors.
  7. Read your patent application before your attorney files it: You, as the inventor, should fully understand every word in the claims and be able to assist your attorney in identifying possible additional embodiments of your invention that should be covered in your claims.
  8. Make sure all contributing inventors are named: If anyone has contributed to the development of your invention, he or she must be named as a coinventer. Ask your attorney about having any coinventors assign their rights to you before filing the patent application
  9. Stay involved in the patent prosecution: In the event of an "office action" with a USPTO examiner, you have the opportunity to talk in person with the examiner to help secure the allowable claims.
  10. Understand the ongoing obligations of patent ownership: Ask your lawyer for a checklist of things you need to do after your patent issues, such as paying maintenance fees to the USPTO at 3 and 1/2, 7 and 1/2, and 11 and 1/2 years. Abandoned patents open the door to hungry competitors.

Turn our Backs on the Politics of Divisiveness

Faith, Scapegoating

It's human nature, but we seek answers to things that we do not understand. and sometimes our fears fester until our anger boils over. What makes us human is that we can choose to control these emotions. We can choose to be better than pure, reactionary instinct. Why do I bring this up? It's because of what I've seen and heard in the wake of the Fort Hood shooting. People who I otherwise respect and listen to feel it is important to point out that the shooter was a Muslim. Islam is an evil religion they say but they ignore that many other people who have done bad things are non-Muslims. Yes, the shooting was a horrific crime, but Timothy McVeigh was a Catholic altar boy. Serial killers Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy were Lutherans. Should we jump to the conclusion that since all were Christian, that Christianity is an evil religion? Rather than grab a torch and join the lynch mob, let's remember that cruelty has no faith and ignorance imparts no wisdom.


Sitting alone in a rehab center is a military veteran.  It is not pertinent to know his/her political perspective.  Age, gender, color, ethnicity, religion have little bearing on how or why he/she needs you.

What kind of education or skill is required of you?  A warm hand and humane voice will do.

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The Place for Politics

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The healthcare bill that is currently going through Congress is not about the uninsured. It started out that way. It was a major part of last year's presidential campaign. Even earlier this year, there was a national concern about insuring the uninsured. With the mounting job losses in the economy being killed by the socialist principles of the administration, we needed to keep the uninsured insured and provide low-cost medical access to those people who would otherwise have to go to the emergency room. My, how things have changed.

Passing the healthcare bill now is all about politics. It's about the people in Congress who think that they are standing up and making history. Well, they are making history. They are accelerating the country into bankruptcy.

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With the decision on the strategy and objectives in Afghanistan to be presented by the Obama administration soon, there can be one thing for certain: he will be criticized no matter what decision he makes.  He inherited a mess in Afghanistan.  To complicate matters, he is receiving mixed signals from leaders who have some experience and understanding of the great importance of his decisions.

General Stanley McChrystal, in charge of the coalition forces in Afghanistan, says: we need 40,000 additional troops or we will lose.

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Wisconsin Needs Tom Barrett

 What will Barrett do?

Mayor Tom BarrettThat’s the phrase on the lips of many today as Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is expected to make an announcement as to whether or not he will run for Governor.

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Whitefish Bay 2010 Budget

Trustees, Budget, Village Hall

The Whitefish Bay Trustees spent the month of October discussing the 2010 Village budget.   I have been hesitant to write about the proceedings, because my observations about the budget aren't shared by all.

Costs to Consider in Bringing an Invention to Market

invention, manufacturer, product, production, costs

Inventors' and Entrepreneurs' Forum
Next Meeting: January 28, 2010 at 5:30 p.m.
To be held at: Marquette University High School
(Room 127, Conference Center)
3306 W. Michigan St., Milwaukee, WI

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