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What Do Ya Know. Joe?

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With the Senate race here in Wisconsin, there really is no need to take an interest in a Senate race in Pennsylvania. There's not much excitement going on with the race here, so why is Pennsylvania important?

Senator Arlen Specter, one-time Democrat, longtime Republican, and newly converted Democrat again, changed parties to save one job-his. Well, it didn't work. Specter was in the Senate for about 30 years, and in the Senate, seniority is everything. Specter could bring home the bacon for Pennsylvania, so keeping him in the Senate would have been in the best interest for the citizens of Pennsylvania. Here in Wisconsin, it doesn't matter because no senator brings home anything. But that's another story.

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Considering U.S. history, past and recent, some Webster's definitions seem to be in order.

HATE: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.

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Barry's In Charge Here

Business, climate change, County Government, Election, Energy, Government, Health Care, News, Politics, Presidential Politics, Reform, Religion, Smoking, taxes

A couple of weeks ago, it looked like the Obama administration was not taking charge of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But recently, President Obama came out and said that he was in charge and the buck stops with him. At first, I found that hard to believe. But after some reflection and looking at the facts, I can now see that the Obama administration was in charge from day one. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Let's take a look at that pudding.

The oil has been gushing nonstop since at least April 20. There is then chaos and confusion as to how to stop it fast and efficiently. This is certainly the thumbprint of the Obama administration and its agility. Every effort to control this spill has failed. Every idea has been wrong. Sounds like the federal government to me.

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I've heard and read the furor of some of the regular readers of this blog.  They have taken the time, and the far-too-demanding requirements of the system just to be able to post a comment.   I respect all of your comments.  It is a wonderful opportunity for us to express some democratic rights and principles.  I thank you for your comments.  Please know that they are welcomed by me.

I have no control over what comments appear or make the "final cut."  Heck, I don't even know how the system works to accept some comments and "deep six" other comments.  It seems that both righties and lefties have voiced complaints.  Often they see me as the cynical tyrant who expunges their offerings.  Wrong!  I do not OK or deny a single comment, and I never have ...nor do I intend to do that.

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Yes, I know that both Demorats and Republicans stoop to sleazy tactics to win elections.  But there is one place where it is easily the worst.  And a former president used it twice.  The upcoming election in South Carolina indicates that the Republicans there are continuing the sleazo-meter record.

In the 1990's South Carolina presidential primary, George W. Bush hired Lee Atwater to take down John McCain who was gaining in the polls.  Bush knew what he was getting.  Atwater had used blatant lies to bring down Dukakis with the Willie Horton scare, a total fabrication and deceit.

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While we are forced to view and read about the "success" in Iraq, both in the mainstream and right-wing media, we rarely get a glimpse at what is truly happening there.  How about introducing some factual information about Iraq and putting things into some true perspective?

"And today, after seven years under U.S. occupation, Iraqis are still without sufficient clean water, electricity, education, or health care.  Tens of thousands of Iraqis are disabled, physically or mentally.  There are over two million refugees outside Iraq and more displaced refugees inside Iraq; there are three million widows and five million orphans.  Fifty percent of Iraqis are unemployed.  Children continue to drink contaminated water, and large numbers of Iraqi women are afraid to get pregnant because so many babies are born with severe deformities."

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Wednesday Story Time Now Full!

Our Wednesday story time is now full, and we cannot accept any more registrations. Monday story time still have available spaces, and anyone wanting to sign up for Monday story time can still sign up at the reference desk, or by emailing the children's librarian at

Summer Reading Programs at the Brown Deer Library!

Join us this summer at the Brown Deer Library, and participate in one of our great summer reading programs!

We have a program for all ages - we have a children's program for those under age 12; a teen's program for those aged 13-17; and an adult program for those aged 18 and up.

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Kathy Luck here next Tuesday!

Join us at 7:00 PM on Tuesday June 15th for our first "Terrific Tuesday" performer of the summer!

Kathy Luck will be here, with her program "Wet, Wild, and Wacky".

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Progressive Dinner Party Planning

Summer Entertaining, Progressive Dinner Party

Our neighborhhod progressive dinner is Saturday night. Weather forecast calls for scattered showers so hoping we stay dry. We have about 28 people coming for the evening - if the Whitefish Bay Girls Soccer team is playing Saturday night we will lose a few guests during game time. Go Blue Duke Girls!  The plans are coming together for a fun party!

I like to coordinate the party decorations with the invitation so have been on the hunt for lanterns. I will decorate the patio with tiki torches and candles too. We are hosting the appetizer portion so will coordinate napkins/plates too. The signature cocktail will be a margarita. We can make pitchers of the mixture before the party. The menu has been divided and each couple will bring a food item and a bottle of wine/beer.  Here is how I divided the menu:

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The Iraq war and its causes and aftermath has been and continues to be so distorted, that a word from some Iraq war veterans is in order.  Silly comments are made by Bush supporters about whether the world would be better with Saddam in charge in Iraq.  What a strange question this is after the U.S. supported horrible dictators like Somoza, Marcos, Thieu, Franco, Batista, etc.   It also depends on whether you think the United States should follow international law. 

The following are direct quotations from the IRAQ VERTERANS AGAINST THE WAR website []: 

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2009 Referendum Cost Far Lower Than Estimated.

Schools, Referendum

Remember the hotly debated school referendum that passed 9 months ago?

Back in November 2009, Whitefish Bay voted (in large numbers) to approve borrowing $22.9 million in bonds to finance school maintenance and improvements.

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***Continuing on a rich tradition of college students protesting actions that are undemocratic, insensitive, war-mongering, greed, attacks on free speech, attacks on academic freedom, etc., I am appreciative and offer my congratulations to the students in Wisconsin protesting actions by Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin.   I have written a blog about the actions of Marquette to have a search committee and the University President offer a deanship contract to a professor at Seattle University and then awkwardly withdrawing it after interference from a backward-looking archbishop.  The faculty and students are still protesting that stupidity.  Good for them.

The University of Wisconsin has announced an increase in tuition again, even during a recession.  As a former college vice president, let me be frank and direct in stating that I think many  college teachers and professors are remarkably overpaid.  Yes, I think that professorships in universities and colleges often are places for lazy people who are not up-to-date and simply lull their way through their teaching duties.  Yes, there are many who do not fit that category, nevertheless I think that college faculties are too often overpaid by a wide margin.  And the students, many of them from poor or struggling families, suffer.  What a shame!  We have college professors whose research is  being funded by outside corporations, and then these same professors profit from their university research.  This money from outside corporations should be used to lower the cost of tuition.  More about this in a later blog.

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Klode & Parade

Klode, Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation

Two quick hits:

First, the 4th of July Klode festival needs help.. Your WFB Civic Foundation needs volunteers to run the festival games.  Please consider spending an hour helping out, as they have about 95 one hour shifts that need to be filled.

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If you honestly reflect back on your race, your ethnic background, etc., you will realize that when it comes to immigration and immigrants, we all stand on wretiched ground.  There are so many examples that  will fit us, but here are a few to reflect upon:

Jews were immigrants into Europe.  How were they treated?  There was anti-Semitism from the beginning.  And six million Jews were murdered by "Christian" Germans.  Yes, there were a few people who fought to save the Jews, but for the most part, it was the viewpoint against the "immigrant" Jews that led to a policy of extermination.  Jewish immigrants to Europe resulted in the largest acts of genocide in history.

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Terrific Tuesdays - Kathy Luck

Join us for our Terrific Tuesday performances!

Tonight, we have Kathy Luck joining us, with her program "Wet, Wild, and Wacky!"
Storyteller Kathy Luck presents a lively program of silly stories and songs, with plenty of participation and lots of laughs. But the real stars of the show are Kathy's wild and crazy puppet friends. The puppets always have something to share about their latest kooky adventures. Come and join the fun!

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Summer Storytime Registration Now Closed

Registration for both the Monday storytime and Wednesday storytime have now closed. Both summer storytime sessions have exceeded capacity, and we cannot register any more children.

We look forward to a fun summer storytime session, and hope to have more slots available in the fall!

2010 Bench Installation

Two wooden benches were donated to the Brown Deer Library by the Friends, and were installed in mid June. They provide a comfortable sitting area for library patrons and accent our beautiful landscaping, which was also provided by the Friends.

Tomorrow - Manga Workshop with Nick Katzfey!

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, June 23rd at 6pm for a Manga Workshop with Nick Katzfey!

Come join us and learn how to draw Manga characters! Nick will teach you how to draw people and poses as well as hairstyles and facial expressions. Be sure to bring along your imagination and maybe your sketchbook, too!

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Theatrical Thursday begins tonight!

Our summer "Theatrical Thursdays" movie nights begin tonight, with "The Princess and the Frog".

The movie will begin at 6:00 PM in the community room.

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