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You didn't think the election of Barack Obama to the U.S. presidency got us out of the danger posed by the greed-capitalism of the Reagan-Bush era, did you?  President Obama is facing a tremendous challenge to try and right the economic and political ship of state that was so pummeled by right-wing selfishness.  After World War I economic disaster struck the world harshly when European and American government officials allowed banks and industry to call the shots, and government was left to try and protect the general populace.  When there was an outcry in the Western World growing to give voice and relief to the common people, here is what happened...

Henry Ford, the DuPont family, and other American industrialists tried to stem the tide of a growing progressive plea by the masses of people who began to suffer deeply.  Ford supported the early efforts of Adolf Hitler, and schemed to hold down this mounting revolution of the populace.  DuPont schemed to overthrow the elected administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and set up a fascist state in the U.S.  Charles Lindbergh, a real right-wing fascist himself, supported Hitler and Mussolini.  The right-wing, conservative elements in the U.S. and Europe tried their best to establish a fascist government and society.  Hitler and Mussolini rose to power as the people saw in them some hope to correct the economic mess and stem unbridled inflation.  Big business and industry supported these two demagogues.  Hitler even saw an advantage in naming his movement National Socialism [Nazi].  It was not anything remotely akin to socialism, it was a horrible government run by German industrialists using this crazed former corporal, Hitler, to achieve their ends.  German and Italian industry boomed as an unprecedented war machine was built to conquer the world.  Chase Manhattan Bank flourished in its Paris office as it was used by the occupying Hitler regime..  The Ford Motor Co. flourished in Germany building trucks for the German army.  European and American banking interests met regularly in Switzerland to fund this fascist war machine.

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End of the Road

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The future of the American car industry is in serious jeopardy. The origin of the demise of General Motors certainly began within. It moved too slowly, its products are priced too high, its quality was perceived as being too low. One would think that a company as large as General Motors who has been able to withstand recession and boom times for about 100 years may have finally met its match. Another mistake was turning to the United States government for aid. Or is it a bailout?

Last week's forced resignation of the chairman of General Motors, Rick Waggoner, comes as a surprise if not a shock. At first, we don't know what to think. Is it the beginning of the end? And how soon will they end arrive? Then, we step back and analyze the situation and assess that may be Rick Waggoner may not be the right person to head General Motors at this time. However, what I find troubling is that it is the White House that forced his resignation. Politicians are now expected to have better judgment to lead an automobile industry than people who have been in the industry for decades. Obama did not like his plan for the future. Well, it was never reported what Obama was looking for. One can only speculate. Was he looking for the end of the gasoline powered car in a short couple of years to be completely replaced by electric automobiles?

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ENDORSEMENTS: PROMOTE JUDGE LIPSCOMB. Also, Watts, Abrahamson, Evers, Franklin and Franklin

Not that I actually have influence, but given my rather inflated sense of self-importance, I figure that if I present my endorsements to my viewers today, I can at least feel that I have influence. With that said, here are my endorsements for the Spring election, all of which are non partisan (although you might have trouble believing it).

Let's start with Branch 6 Circuit Court Judge. Christopher Lipscomb's the guy. With 17 years of experience as a municipal prosecutor, as well as a wide-ranging private practice and elective experience as a municipal judge, Lipscomb is the guy. I don't know how or why his competition, Brostrom, has been able to play the experienced prosecutor card, given that her prosecutorial experience consists of only a two month stint in the DA's office. Whatever. She's probably well-versed, savvy, and a true community leader. Those qualities are all great. But for breadth of knowledge, experience, and prior judicial experience, Lipscomb gets the edge. Promote Judge Lipscomb.

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As we scan back in American history, people whose perspective was right-wing or conservative or fundamentalist were usually people who had a more privileged or comfortable existence.  Their selfishness proclaimed conservatism at its core because they wanted things to remain just as they were: with them in their comfort zone.  This meant that sharing was not at the center of their thought or living.  So, what they viewed as threats to their selfish, comfortable world were: taxes, equality, help for the needy or poor or unfortunate, immigration, people whose color or ethnicity was "different," sharing, rights for everyone, guaranteed healthcare, etc.  Almost an endless set of excuses were formulated to preserve the status quo at any "price."  The "general welfare" was considered socialistic talk and below the favored class.

To protect the people of means or the major ethnic or racial groups, we fostered a strong military.  With a strong military to preserve the advantage of the wealthy in America, they got to keep and hold onto their privilege AND spending huge sums on the military meant industrialists and their ilk would have their palms greased further.  To question any of this was considered "UnAmerican" or "unpatriotic."  And so it goes.

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Barry Gaffeagain Goes On Tour

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President Barack Obama took his first European trip as president of the United States. Of course, the liberal media is touting this as a huge success. It would be an even larger success of Air Force One were to come back empty.

The liberal media is tingling all over itself reporting on how well President Obama was received in Europe. He was welcomed with open arms as a fresh alternative to George Bush. But what is getting swept under the rug is the embarrassment and offenses Obama is giving to the American people. Calling the American people arrogant and selfish, in so many words, should be an insult to the citizens of this country. And it is an insult. The citizens of this country have afforded him the opportunity to become a great president at this time of great challenge. But, Obama is in over his head.

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Lady Bird and Lyndon, Pat and Dick, Betty and Gerald, Roseanne and Jimmy, Whatshername and Ronny, Barbara and George, Hillary and Bill, Laura and Junior.  Not exactly a classy group.  Is that the best the United States can do?  Each duo had their missteps, some were monumental tumbles.  The last U.S. president had trouble using the English language.  Barack and Michelle did not get into academically prestigous universities because their fathers pulled strings.  They EARNED their way there.  And they came from circumstances that are much more akin to the average American's life.  Yet they bring class personified to their positions of President and First Lady.  And it shows in all things. 

George W. Bush was an embarrassment standing next to world leaders.  He is/was a buffoon.  Lacking intellect, grace, style, insight, good judgement, and class, yet coming from a privileged background, he mangled the language, made some absolutely horrible decisions, lied to his country and the world. did as much in private as allowed [and beyond], condoned torture. drove us into a financial swamp, and became a sorry, laughing stock.  And that was not in the style of an Abraham Lincoln!  Exactly the opposite of the rail-splitter.

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Remember to Vote Tuesday, April 9: Bayside polls open 7 am to 8 pm

Tuesday, April 9 is Election Day.  Ballots may be cast in Bayside at Bayside Middle School from 7 am to 8 pm.  Please use the Standish Place entrance for voting. 

What is Wrong with Home Ownership

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The idea of homeownership is taking a beating recently. The economic crisis which has caused our current recession is blamed from having its roots based in homeownership gone awry. I can agree with and only partially. The people who have bought homes who could not afford what they were getting into should shoulder some of the blame. As should people who speculated and bought mortgages with interest-only terms banking on a rapid appreciation of the home value in some sort of get-rich-quick scheme should also bear responsibility. Yet, people are coming out with ideas saying that homeownership is not for everyone in the Bush administration should not have convinced Americans to achieve the American dream of home ownership.

For people calling for changes in the tax law that will eliminate the itemized inductions of property taxes and interest on mortgages which will further a road home ownership in the United States. The tax code should still allow for the deduction of interest and property taxes. Wanting a home should still be viewed as the American dream. Well, it's time to ask a few questions. If people are not to own their own homes, who will own where they are living? I certainly hope it wouldn't be greedy capitalists or absentee landlords. Until the housing crisis, people were beginning to think that they could only go into a huge McMansion or a house that they would be expected to live in for the rest of their lives. Don't people begin with starter homes anymore? What about the idea of starting out with a smaller house, and when you can afford it, moving up? A generation ago, people worked for things, saved, and when they could afford them, bought them. They did not over extend their credit. They did not have everything at once. Once people worked hard, and rewarded themselves by buying something that they really wanted, it was more appreciated. Today, people's basements and garages are full of crap that they bought because they thought they wanted it, yet when it came time to use it, it really wasn't needed. Because it was bought on credit, there was no appreciation for the item. This became a lifestyle.

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Free mulch available at the Recycling Center; Village now offers mulch delivery to your home for a fee.

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of the free mulch that is available at the Recycling Center located just off Fairy Chasm.  Starting Monday, the Village will begin offering an additional service for residents to obtain mulch.  The Village will now offer the delivery of five yards of mulch for $75.  The mulch will be delivered in 5 yard increments, and each separate delivery is a $75 charge.   

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By any measure, President Barack Obama's first days in office have been a huge success.  Not only has he had to immediately jump in to try and fix a financial mess of epic proportions that was inherited from Bush, but myriad other problems confront him from the last 8 years and longer.  While it is well to keep in perspective what was turned over to him from the neocons, we should move past it.  But the right-wing nutcases won't allow that to happen.  They want him to fail, and they will make every little misstep become a tragic headline.  Imagine a shady, slithery drug user like Rush Limbaugh saying, "I hope he fails."  Imagine Newt Gingrich, who fooled around with aides and other women in Washington, passing judgment on Obama.  Imagine a snake like Dick Cheney criticizing Obama.  Think of the gall of these hypocrites.

Nevertheless let us celebrate President Obama's recent trip to Europe and the Middle East.  It was monumentally amazing after the disaster for America that the past 8 years have been.  The world over, people think the U.S. has finally come to its senses with the election of Obama.  But the neocon vultures continue to circle.  They are so ignorant and envious that it would be easy to dismiss them.  But they have fooled so many Americans, that it is dangerous to underplay their role.  And they have deep pockets that will buy them more influence.  Democracy teeters as long as these right-wngers plot and circle.

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The Sorry President

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It began with the mea culpa tour in Europe. Barack Obama was apologizing to all the nations of Europe because the United States had been poor cosmopolitans citizens. President Obama met with many foreign leaders and apologized on behalf of the United States for what he believes were mistakes in our history. He then went to Turkey and cleared the United States was not a Christian nation. Now, don't mistake me for one of those Bible thumping people who wish to replace the science textbooks with the Old Testament, but what can we expect next? The end of Christmas is a national holiday? No more Easter egg rolls for the children at the White House?

United States does not need to establish a national religion to defend the facts that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Although it is in the Constitution, the Obama administration wants to grant itself authority that goes far beyond the Constitution. Take a look at a coin in your pocket, if you have any left after the tax increases proposed and enacted by the Democrats, and you may still see the words in God we trust. Will the liberal agenda be far behind in trying to pass a new stimulus bill that will have buried in it a law requiring the words in God we trust removed from the currency? It can then have Allah engraved on it unless Jeremiah Wright tells them differently.

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Among my academic credentials is a M.A. degree in history from a university of some note.  Therefore I am more aware than the average person of what scholarship is.  I clearly know the difference between opinion and primary source material.  I distinctly know the difference between opinion based at least on some factual information and support, and blatant distortions of truth.  I know the difference between Fox News and the New York Times, or between NPR news and Rush Limbaugh, or between Rupert Murdoch and the BBC.  When one enters the blog world or cyberspace generally, these differences begin to blur to various degrees.  People think that if it is on the 'net it must have some basis in fact; it often does not have even a remote connection to fact.  The Encyclopedia Brittanica states clearly that it intends to present information based on fact as much as is possible, Wikipedia states up-front that its source material is from questionable sources.  If you do not know the clear difference in the aforementioned, you live in a world fraught with ignorance.   Period.

So, my blog represents to me [and to you] a statement of my opinions.  Occasionally I will give some reliable source to document what I write here, but generally I state my OPINION.  That is what a blog is.  It is not a historical document.  I am moved to state clearly, though, that I never intentionally lie or distort facts as I know them.  On many issues in the political-social-economic areas there may be at least two sides to any given issue.  However it is not necessarily closer to the actual truth to simply give a conservative and a liberal viewpoint on an issue.  That is a mistake often made in an attempt to be "balanced" in presenting the news or the interpretation of the news.  In most cases it is better than being one-sided, say like Fox News is, but it may only be window-dressing on a very serious, deep subject that requires much more than two stated opinions.  But the intention of blogs generally is not to give balanced or historical accounts.

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Jim Doyle is Scared . . . already

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It's hard to believe that the election for governor is still a year and a half away. At that time will be a deluged with a media blitz that will be replete with muckraking, character assassinations, and mudslinging. Good old politics in Wisconsin. Although no candidates have announced yet, it is expected that Jim Doyle will be looking for a third term, and Scott Walker will be seeking the Republican nomination. Yet already, the Democrats have come out with a television commercial already aimed at Scott Walker.

Well, it doesn't take much to scare a coward. And Jim Doyle is as yellow bellied as they come. He has absolutely no backbone when it comes to responsible spending and fiscal control. He has been governor through budget after budget that has huge deficits in it. Back in 2002, he ran on a platform pledging to not raise taxes in Wisconsin. But, because he is as pusillanimous as can be, he now has to qualify his statements as being 'not raising the sales tax', 'not raising income tax on low-wage earners', and after that, he has run all of ways to spin a simple statement to not be an obvious lie. So what is left for Jim Doyle? He now has to begin taking apart the character of his would-be opponents. I guess when you're left with no integrity, no moral compass, and no political honor, you have to make your opponent look worse than you in order for you to look good. And for Jim Doyle, he is so ugly that he has to put a lot of effort into making himself look good by making others look worse. But remember, beauty is only skin deep. Integrity goes to the bone.

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When will America ever mature?  Our lack of civilized behavior is showing...

Who demanded we shift totally to HD television?  We have clearer pictures and worse content.  I sensed no public demand..

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As Susan Boyle walked out on the stage of Britain's TV show similar to "American Idol." she looked to many that she didn't belong in such a venue.  The three judges sat stoically.  Ms. Boyle looked frumpy, unpolished, older, the antithesis of Vogue magazine.  In the U.S. we were quick to be told that she had "never been kissed." 

As she began to sing a song from "Les Miserables," the audience was stunned, shocked, awed, and immediately got very supportive of the woman singing with such a magnificent popular voice.  The judges looked overwhelmed.   It was electrifying.  Instant stardom.  I must ask this question: why?

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As you ponder the ongoing tragedies surrounding the victims of Hurricane Karina, as you get angry when you think former President George Bush thought it was enough to fly over the disaster and go "tsk, tsk," as you ponder what will happen when the next disaster hits the U.S., consider the following.  After reading the quotes below, you will get the connection, but the American media missed it entirely.  The media focused on Brad Pitt and other celebrities walking around the ravaged neighborhoods, TV and newspapers pondered the inability of the levees to handle the hurricanes surge, but nothing was said about the lack of sufficient National Guard help in New Orleans.  Where was the National Guard?

"National Guard troops are deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan in historic numbers.  Will states finally demand an end to the costly practice of using citizen-soldiers to fight overseas wars?" -"Worldwide WAMM" - April, 2009 issue, page 1 

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Party On

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When I first heard of the April 15 tea parties, I thought they were just some low-profile propaganda began by Fox news. I thought the most popular one could be held in somebody's living room and be attended by the same number of people who would have someone like Mitt Romney over for a campaign stop. As it turned out, it was a lot bigger than that. Yet, how they were received along with their effectiveness is judged purely politically.

Liberals have been complaining for over a year that it took George Bush eight years to undo the economic gains of the last 10. Yet however unpopular George Bush was at the end of his term, Barack Obama may be heading in the same direction only a lot faster. Yes, it's time to stop blaming Bush for how things are being handled by the Obama administration. Although the economy was heading into recession towards the end of the Bush years, the deterioration of the American economy has accelerated since January. The amount of money being spent by the Obama administration is mind-boggling. And yes, it's only been 90 days. Yet the amount and scope of government money that is going to be wasted by design in the so-called stimulus bills cannot restore confidence in middle-class America.

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Glendale Businesses and Residents: Would You Like To Sponsor Glendale Days?

You really can get more bang for your buck! Every year, Glendale Days produces a guide to the festivities in which we place advertisements from local businesses and individuals. Every year, the program book is mailed to every home in Glendale and distributed throughout the community. The rates are hard to beat, too! The deadline for placing an ad in the 2009 book has been extended, but is fast approaching. If you or your local business would like to sponsor an add in the schedule/coupon book, please contact me via email or my cell phone at 414 803 9343. We have packages that can fit even the tightest budget in this difficult year, from one-line thank you's to full page. Let's make this year's Glendale Days the best one yet!


***I must add something since I first posted this blog entry: I have received everything from threats to my personal safety, profane and vulgar personal attacks, and generally ignorant and violent language from right-wingers who think the material below is liberal or left-wing...PLEASE check out all the signees whose websites are listed below; some of them are conservatives, Republicans, and right-wingers.  Everything that does not mimic the sewage of Limbaugh, Hannity, et al is not liberal or left-wing.***

Unlike President Obama, and unlike the loyal Gestapo neocons, many of us think George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should be put on trial for crimes against the U.S. Constitution, torture, lying to the voters, breaking international agreements, an illegal war, and a host of other things.   If this is not prosecuted, future presidents and administration officials may do whatever they deem necessary to get what they want.  This is how fascism works.  And for underlings to simply say they were carrying out orders is not an excuse; it wasn't at Nuremburg for Hitler's officials, and it shouldn't be now.  There are Republicans, Democrats, Greens, independents, etc. who want Bush and Cheney put in the dock.  The following people and organizations endorsed putting Bush-Cheney on trial...[a small sampling of signees]

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Is Jim Doyle Saving Money?

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With a $5 billion deficit for the biennial Wisconsin budget, Jim Doyle and the Democrats are doing everything they can to see if they can sneak tax increases out of the citizens of this state. Yet he knows an election year is coming, and he is nervous already because he is deciding to run character assassin ads about a prospective opponent. Budget after budget of huge tax increases is finally getting noticed. With huge federal budgets and even huger deficits at the federal level, increasing taxes is becoming unpopular. The state missed its chance to do huge increases when they were popular to do so. So now what is next? Budget cuts?

Well, Jim Doyle might be forced to do what he finds personally and morally reprehensible to do -- cut some spending. One of the proposed ways that Jim Doyle is going to be saving state money is the early release of so-called nonviolent felons. Wouldn't that improve life here in Wisconsin? Taking people that be labeled as lawbreakers and deserving to be taken from society for a period of time in punishment for their crime and putting them back out on the streets. I'm not seeing lock everybody up and throw away the key who is ever been convicted, but how many lines have to be screwed up before people realize that sometimes taking away your freedom can be a solution. The liberals in Wisconsin certainly aren't going to call for the death penalty. But who wants child molesters living next to them? It should be the same people who picket abortion clinics saying every life is precious.

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