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Residue of Mid-East mistakes

All we had to do was get rid of Saddam Hussein and everything would be rosy in the Middle East.  That dictator was the cause of so much terror and killing.  Of course we did support him in his war against Iran and supplied him with money, war machines, training, ad infinitum.  But when 9-11 happened, what was President Bush to do?  We had to punish somebody!  And sinister Dick Cheney was our trusted Vice President and he was only-too-willing to get Bush to enlarge the war in the Middle East.  And true to his scummy bio, Cheney convinced Bush to invade Iraq.  Of course Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, but that was beside the point.  Dick Cheney's former boss, Halliburton, had given him a severance package worth millions and he owed them a war in which they could make big money.  And so the U.S. didn't bother to sign any contracts, it just gave Halliburton all the business it could.  Ah, war was so beautiful for Cheney's concepts.

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Teachers change test scores...canary in mine?

 The recent conviction of a number of teachers caught changing students' test scores indicates a far more complex and far-reaching problem.  None of the following comments condone what these teachers have done, but it may indicate a small example of a very large set of problems in education.

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Watch out for "Libertarianism"

One of the most distorted uses of a word is when a politician refers to himself as a "Libertarian."  Watch out!

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Another Scott Walker staffer to jail

Well, another Scott Walker staff person bites the dust and is off to jail.  How many is that now?  Sleaziness abounds where Walker goes.  A John Doe investigation revealed enormous sleaze information about Walker, and huge sums of money poured in to stop the investigation from continuing.  Walker was recorded talking to someone he thought was one of the Koch brothers, but was actually an imposter.  What Walker revealed in that conversation makes one shudder.  He is for sale to the highest bidder.  He was almost recalled as Wisconsin governor but an avalanche of out-of-state money saved him.  His staff continues to reveal moral and ethical shortcomings.  His record in bringing jobs to Wisconsin is horrible, the worst in the Midwest as a governor.

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"Ignorance" running for President

 With Ted Cruz's announcement that he is running for President of the United States, the field of candidates begins with an ignorant starter.  Ted Cruz does not believe in Climate Change, Same Sex Marriage, but does believe the answer to the mess in the Middle East is with the U.S. showing more military strength and rattling our swords for the Arabs and Iranians to see.  That represents the epitome of ignorance, and it is amazing that he would get even one vote.  But he will.

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