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ENDORSEMENTS: PROMOTE JUDGE LIPSCOMB. Also, Watts, Abrahamson, Evers, Franklin and Franklin

Not that I actually have influence, but given my rather inflated sense of self-importance, I figure that if I present my endorsements to my viewers today, I can at least feel that I have influence. With that said, here are my endorsements for the Spring election, all of which are non partisan (although you might have trouble believing it).

Let's start with Branch 6 Circuit Court Judge. Christopher Lipscomb's the guy. With 17 years of experience as a municipal prosecutor, as well as a wide-ranging private practice and elective experience as a municipal judge, Lipscomb is the guy. I don't know how or why his competition, Brostrom, has been able to play the experienced prosecutor card, given that her prosecutorial experience consists of only a two month stint in the DA's office. Whatever. She's probably well-versed, savvy, and a true community leader. Those qualities are all great. But for breadth of knowledge, experience, and prior judicial experience, Lipscomb gets the edge. Promote Judge Lipscomb.

Branch 15: JD Watts.

Supreme Court: Shirley Abrahamson. My dad is fond of telling me that she taught him taxation in law school. When arch-conservative jerks deride her as some type of leftist pro-criminal activist, they totally ignore her knowledge, experience, and insight in a full range of civil matters which comprise the breadth of the court's workload. Her competitor has none of that, much less any of her charisma.

Superintendent of Schools: Tony Evers. I prefer the people who lead our public institutions to not only believe in those institutions, but not plan on dismantling them. As to his competition, she seems to have little to no experience in public education, and the administrative job is too important to entrust to someone with an agenda.

Glendale River HIlls School Board: Um. DUH! ME! Andrew L. Franklin.

Nicolet School Board: Um, DUH! My mother! Marilyn K. Franklin. A former teacher with 33 years of elective school board experience (and 39 years of having my brother and me as her children) she knows the importance of qualifications, experience and involvement to the successful operation of a school district as impressive as Nicolet. She comes with no agenda other than to make sure that each of our children achieves success.

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