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Van Hollen's Frivolous Lawsuit Aims to Deliver State to McCain

 It's codespeak:  "voter fraud".  Everyone's concerned about it, but it's not really a real problem.  It's one of those made-up unreal problems.  You know how in a Hollywood western, if a guy is walking through the desert and suddenly steps in quicksand, he's up to his neck in 30 seconds?  Real quicksand doesn't work that way.  In fact, it doesn't really exist.  You know how on television, a lawyer show shows the entire prosecution of a case from investigation to sentence within an hour?  It doesn't really happen that way.

So why are Republicans really concerned with "voter fraud"?  It's not because they're concerned about the rights of Democratic voters.  It's because they want their votes to count more. 

And in this election, with Wisconsin a swing state, how else can you steer an election in your favor but by filing a lawsuit trying to prevent voter fraud?  After all, there are real voter problems that exist.  Votes that get lost.  Votes that don't get counted.  Electronic touch-screen voting machines that don't leave paper trails.  Polls that close early.  Polls that never open.  But no it's better to restrict a few isolated cases of voter fraud than it is to ensure the greatest number of individuals gain free access to vote. 

Van Hollen's lawsuit will fail for a number of reasons, most notably the lack of a palpable or apparent immediate threat.  But what it will do is bring a ridiculous amount of attention--punditry and politics--to Wisconsin.  It will waste taxpayer resources, particularly in large urban centers with large amounts of mobile and low-income populations. It will be a distraction.

And that is what the Republicans want.  Whether by fear, intimidation, or just plain lying, Republicans are trying to spoil the election again.  Just like 2000, just like 2004.  Van Hollen's not just looking at 2008.  He's looking at 2010 and 2012.  He's gunning for a reputation and national attention.  Only now, Van Hollen's trying to make a national name for himself.      What a waste.

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